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Often, during phone calls, we are asked about our "qualifications", and have discovered that most of the time, people asking usually mean something different.  So to help, we created this section hoping to better explain, and possibly answer most, if not all, of your questions.

We use an internal POINT SYSTEM when processing an application, we do not use the standard process many others choose to use.  

How it Works
We verify all information provided on an application form, and any other information obtained during the application processing.  Each item is then assigned a certain number of points.  Positive verification is provided positive points, Negative is obviously given a negative point number.    Certain negative information CAN be overcome by having a positive situation to go with it.  One example,  Being evicted from somewhere that you lived at for 5 years CAN be given less negative points because of the length of time of residence.  another example, Having an eviction from a year or more ago, but having a year or more with a positive rental history AFTER that eviction (verifiable) CAN give enough positive points to override the negative points from an eviction.  

We understand that bad things can happen to good people....  so we use a common sense approach to processing the application.   Our goal is to APPROVE it, not look for reasons to deny it.  

TIPS to getting the most points possible on your application:

100% honesty...  don't leave ANYTHING out, hoping we wont find it.  We actually give FREE points for simply telling us everything upfront.    If you say you have only been evicted once, but we find another, one, two or more, then these points are not available and that could be what denies your application.  If you feel the space provided on the form is not enough to properly complete your application... feel free to use the back, or simply add pages.  

Placing a HOLDING DEPOSIT at the same time as the application.  We actually give a few FREE points for providing us with the application form, application fee, and Holding deposit all in the same visit....  a few extra points are also available for doing this on our FIRST meeting.   

Having a checking and/or savings account, in your name, in good standing...  Points are available for this, depending on the length of time this account has been open.  Obviously, the longer the better.

Our goal is to APPROVE an application, so we use all information obtained to get you the most possible points.  We have even been able to lease to someone that was CURRENTLY being evicted.  With that said, please do not try to pre-qualify your application...  Let us get to work on getting you approved.  

Please understand, often, people call and want to ask if we can work with their specific situation, and then tell us about something they feel may be an issue.  To be clear, we can work with MANY situations that other refuse to work with, but we MUST process an application and have the points assigned to know that answer, it all comes down to those POINTS!    

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