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SECTION 8 Program 
In many cases, properties listed on our site CAN work with the section 8 Program.  However, certain criteria MUST be met:

1)  Owner / Partnership Group must already be working with the program,  Not all owners/partners are set up to work with this program.  The best way to find out is to call the number listed on the Full Page ad page for the property you are interested in.

2)  Application is REQUIRED for all parties age 18+.  The Application fee is $35.00 per person age 18 or over.  In the past, we have had tenants (housing and non-housing) that apply as a single person only to find more people living in the home then were originally disclosed.  WE DO REPORT VIOLATIONS TO HOUSING AND PROCESS LEASE VIOLATIONS FOR EVICTION!

3)  Application criteria is the same for all Housing and Non-Housing applicants.  Many of the calls received are under the impression that since they are on the Section 8 program, and rent will be paid by the program we can automatically approve the app.   this is incorrect, applicants MUST meet the same criteria as all other applicants. 

4)  Although we WILL process your application without a holding deposit being placed on the desired home, we WILL NOT "Hold" the home without the holding deposit.  I have been told by more than one caller on the program that housing has instructed applicants "Do not place a deposit until HOUSING approves the home",  We WILL NOT process your housing paperwork, or hold the home for you without a Holding deposit in advance.  

5)  Our rental rate is our rental rate.... If your voucher covers the full rental rate, we can process the paperwork and set up the inspection.  IF Housing comes back with a LOWER rate after the inspection, we WILL NOT accept that lower rate and we WILL NOT refund the holding deposit.

Over the past year or so, it appears that housing has changed up their inspection process and lowered the approved rental rates after the inspection has been completed.  Due to this major change, we have been forced to change our policies as well.  

Our desire is to keep each home rented at all times and look forward to working with the Section 8 Program / Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Unfortunately, with all the recent changes within the programs own policies we have wound up holding a home for a housing applicant for weeks while waiting for inspection.  Then, once inspected we are told that the "Approved Rent" will be MUCH lower than our agreed and advertised rent rate.  This has equated to literally THOUSANDS in lost rent revenue, and is something we can no longer afford to do.    With that said, This is why we have implemented this new policy and REQUIRE the Holding Deposit pending the Inspection results.   IF the home and rent rate advertised IS accepted and approved by Housing, the Holding deposit will become your security deposit once a lease has been signed.   .  

Please choose a City from the Links at the top of this page to see a list of available properties in that general area...   Click the linked address for a property that interests you to view the full page ad, contact details, images and map.   
*UPDATE*  Jan. 1, 2018 - 
It has become increasingly more difficult to work with many of the Housing Choice Voucher Program offices, both city and county... due to this, it is also now even less likely we will be able to work with these programs.   It is unfortunate, and we are hopeful this will change soon.  feel free to contact us directly for more information.