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Terms and Conditions for use of this site.
ForLeaseResidential.com is individually owned and operated in Arlington, TX.  Use of this site is done so at your sole discretion and liability.  All information provided is deemed accurate, until verified otherwise.  Any use of this site and/or information provided on this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

ForLeaseResidential is a FREE Listing of residential rental property, there is NO FEE to use this site, and NO FEE to Landlords posting on this site.  We do not charge any Posting fee, advertising fee or leasing commisions at any time or for any reason.  We are NOT a locator service, and the properties listed are listed at the request of the owner or owners authorized agent.  If you come across any incorrect information on this site, please notify us immediately, once verified, we will either remove or correct the information.

Prices, Specials, Rates, Qualification, contact Information, or any other information is subject to change without notice.  We try to keep all information provided as up to date as possible, and rely on advertisers to keep us informed of changes as they happen.  If you encounter information that is not the same as what was provided on our site, the new information provided is deemed accurate as rates and conditions are reflective of the current rental market, that changes on a regular basis.

All fees (application, deposit rent, etc.) charged by a landlord advertising on this site is in no way affiliated with this site.  All agreements, terms and/or conditions concerning those fees are between Landlord and Tenant/Applicant and in NO WAY affiliated with ForLeaseResidential.com

Information listed on this site is provided by Home Owner, Landlord, or an authorized agent for home owner / Landlord.  This information is subject to verification by you.  ForLeaseResidential has done NO verification of any kind.

ForLeaseResidential.com DOES NOT provide any form of Landlord or Tenant Screening or backround check.  ALL Investigation required is done so at YOUR SOLE DISCREASION, Liability and expense.

Properties listed here are individually owned.  The owner of the home chose to use this site as an additional marketing source, any information provided by them has not been verified, use caution when dealing with financial / monetary transactions, get reciepts, and get agreements IN WRITING.  When in doubt, or if you need additional information or legal advice, please consult an Attorney before making any decisions or before money changes hands.  I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!  Homes listed are in no way affiliated with this site.  Each home is separately owned and/or managed.  The family of sites associated with ForLeaseResidential.com do not play any roll in management, leasing, collections, liability, care or control of any home listed here.  All issues pertaining to the home, management of the home, fees and charges for the home or any other business relationship involving the listed home should be directed to the home owner or owners authorized agent directly.  

PHOTOS:   In MOST cases, photos are of the actual unit available to lease, however, in some cases, photos of similar units are used.  One example of this would be, we advertise for an 8 unit property. all 8 have the same floorplan, however minor cosmetic differences do exist, to save time and storage space, one set of photos will be used for all postings of that floorplan.  Another example, several rentals  look similar to others, however, the available unit is not photographed, we may post a picture to give an idea of what it looks like, even if its not an exact match.  We do strive to provide acurate information at all times, so whenever possible, the exact photos of the exact rental will be used!

simply put, We are not liable to you, Landlords, Owners, Users, advertisers, agents or ANYONE, for ANY reason whatsoever.  If you do not agree to these terms, please close this window now, leave the site and locate or advertise a rental elsewhere, there are many other sites available.  Any use of this site or information provided on this site constitues your 100% acceptance of the above listed Terms and Conditions.  

This site is operated on a HOBBY basis, in my spare time.  With full time work, and family, updates and/or replies may take time, please use understanding and patience.

Thank you for choosing ForLeaseResidential.com